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5 Location Ideas for your Senior Session

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

When searching for a location for your senior photos the most important thing to keep in mind is:

What do you like? What spots speak to who you are?

Choose locations that most line up with your character and attitudes. If you are a chill hipster then an urban setting will be what you want to look for. If you are heart cries out for the beauty of nature, then seek out a country haven for your senior portraits.

There are many options to choose from for your senior photos, here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing

1. Nature: Do you love country settings? Then, in our rural area you won't have to look to far. Look for a location that has the setting you desire. This could be open grass/flower fields, a pine tree forest, farm fields or a hard woods forest. If you don't have access to land look into public land or ask friends if you could use their land.

2. Downtown: If you love things more modern and trendy then consider using a city as the location for your photos. Cities have unique architecture that will give an urban/grunge feel to your photos. Plus there are always doorways, alleyways and unique walls to splash creativity into your session.

3. Green house/botanical garden: Is nature, flowers, growing things something you connect with? Do you love all things green and growing? If so, greenhouses can give a boho feel to your senior photos. The light in greenhouses is always dreamy and all the beautiful foliage will add gorgeous color and texture to your session.

4. Coffee shop/Laundromat: If you are more of a trend setter or are looking for something completely different set your sites on a local shop. It could be a coffee shop, laundromat, book store, or art supply store. The options are wide open.

5. Sports field/School gym: Are sports your gig, then getting permission from your high school to use the gym or fields is a great idea for you. Bring all your jerseys, uniforms, and equipment so that we can document your passion for sports.

Are you ready to make your senior photos stand out from the crowd? Click the button below to book your session with me.


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