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COVID 19 Wedding Info and Updates

Do you have a wedding in 2020 or are you planning one for 2021?

These are some crazy and uncertain times.  We are sort of in limbo when it comes to weddings here in Michigan.  I want to communicate and be as open as possible with all my current and future clients.  I think all of us have a lot of questions and "what ifs" swimming around in our heads right now.  I'm hoping the following info will help clear up at least a few of your questions.

Will you still photograph our wedding? 

Yes, absolutely! I still plan to photograph 100% of the weddings I have scheduled for this year, as long as your event carries forward and we are within any laws and limitations set by the State of Michigan and the United States.

What happens to our retainer, contract, wedding date, etc., if we need to reschedule our wedding?


As you know, I received a non-refundable retainer upon booking your wedding. If the wedding is cancelled or rescheduled, whether as a result of government recommendation, third party choice (venue, etc) or personal choice, I will not refund this retainer. That said, should you choose to cancel and not reschedule you will of course not be expected to pay any remaining balance beyond the retainer on your wedding photo contract.

If you choose to reschedule your 2020 wedding date I will apply the entire retainer towards a new date.


How do we reschedule our wedding? 

  • You must reach out before locking in a reschedule date to get my availability. I will be making every possible day available to you that I am not already booked.

  • Once you have a new date that you have checked on with me booked with your venue we will sign a new contract transferring your existing contract to the new date.

  • Should you choose a date without checking on my availability first or should you choose a date that you know that I am booked for, you will be considered as cancelling your contract and forfeiting your retainer.

  • All rescheduled weddings must take place before the end of 2021 or your contract will be considered cancelled by you and your retainer forfeited.


What if we decide to cancel the wedding altogether? Can we get a refund?

Refunds on retainers for cancelled weddings are not available as stated in our contract.


That being said, beyond a rescheduled wedding, I am making additional exceptions to our contract under the unique circumstances: Your retainer can be used toward another photo session such as an elopement, engagement photos, bride/groom session or something else we discuss that is comparable in scope to wedding photography. These must be scheduled and used by the end of 2021.


What happens if we get sick?  What happens if you get sick?


I do ask that if you or your future spouse present symptoms of illness and if you choose to go against CDC recommendations and still have your wedding, that you let me know. It is my feeling that in this case you should immediately cancel your event to reduce the spread of this virus to your guests and vendors. As your photographer I spend a lot of time with you and come in very close contact all day. I do not feel comfortable or safe photographing your wedding if you are exhibiting possible symptoms of COVID-19.

Similarly, if I exhibit symptoms I will find a replacement shooter to cover your wedding based on the agreement laid out in our contract. I take your health very seriously. I am in regular and close contact with a large network of amazing photographers both locally and internationally and we have all agreed to support and cover each other if need be.


Any other questions?

If there is something that I didn’t cover in the above text, please let me know. Please reach out via email if you need anything.

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