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Let's have some fun.  Let's talk, sing, laugh, and even dance if you want to. Bring your phone with your favorite playlist and we'll rock out while we take some photos. This ain't your momma's in-studio portrait session.  I want you to be you.  If you're loud, then bring it.  If you love books, let's discuss them.  If you run, let's head to the track.  This is about you being you.  It's my job to capture who you are in photos. SO relax and let's do this thing!

FULL Senior Sessions start at $300

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Storytelling photography answers these questions: 1)Who are you?  2) What are the realities, the joys, and the precious moments of your life right now?  3) What do you want to remember about this time of your life 5, 10, or even 40 years from now?

Do you have three little ones racing around your house making you completely dizzy with love and frustration? Or maybe you are a grandparent who wants to capture the loves of your life- your grandchildren.

A storytelling session aims to display your life, your love, your crazy with a whole lot less posing and a bunch more family interaction.

In a documentary session, you pick the environment where you and your loved ones will be interacting.  It could be a day at the lake or park, a fishing trip, an anniversary, a party, a girls night out, or a Saturday morning making pancakes in your own home. The options are endless.  It's simple, really.  You be you and the story will unfold in a beauty all its own.


If I couldn't encourage you into trying a storytelling session you are probably reading this.  Family sessions can get crazy at times, so let's talk a bit about young children and posing.  It can go one of two ways.  It can be stressful and make everyone involved want to pull their hair out (including the photographer).  Or  it can be relaxed, fun and portray more of who your family is.  Here is my advice on how to avoid the aforementioned scenario.  Head into this session with expectations that your three year old is not going to sit quietly and look directly at the camera for most of the photos.  Yep.  Three.  Enough said, right?

 So, let me put this bit of information into your head and you think upon it.  What if going into a family portrait session you were okay with everyone not always looking at the camera or (take a deep breath) even sitting or standing where they had been previously placed in every single shot?  How about photos that display your little boy as he really is, full of energy that needs an outlet?  Or your little girl trying to get into her momma's arms?

 I adore family photos that show action, not just stiff little bodies and fake smiles because mom or dad has promised a treat. Let's make your family photos about you!  I doubt any of you sit all piled together and just stare straight ahead.  Am I right?!   Let's go into this together knowing there may be some chaos and craziness.  It's okay.  Really.  I have a wide angle lens.  We can do this!

  • FAMILY Sessions- Lifestyle or Storytelling start at $350

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  • IN HOME NEWBORN Session- Starting at $300

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New Life! Nothing is more exciting or precious. Maternity sessions can be tailored to exactly what you want. We can do an in-home session that documents a slice of your life as it is now.   We can go to your favorite outdoor spot. It can be just you or you can include your spouse. The most important aspect of this session is to tell the story of who you are and the anticipation you are experiencing as you wait for your beautiful little one to arrive.


  • PETITE SESSION Starts at $185

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Engagement sessions are super versatile.  It's all about what you want.  Do you want to document your time together? Let's head to your favorite restaurant or your apartment.  Let's go get ice cream or head to the lake.  Do you prefer more portraits or lifestyle photos of you and your love? Let's go to one of your favorite locations and you can go for a walk and snuggle to your hearts content.

The goal here?  Yep.  It's love.  You're in love, so let it shine.  Snuggle. Kiss. Whisper crazy stuff into your lover's ear.  This is all about displaying to the world the outrageous feelings you have for one another.  It's about showing who you are as a couple so don't hold back. Be who you are and pretend I'm not there. M-kay?

  • FULL ENGAGEMENT/Couple Session starts at $275

  • PROPOSALS start at $375

  • PETITE Session starts at $185

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  • IN-HOME COUPLE Session starts at $275

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It's what this day you have been planning for is all about. A love for one another that is phenominally deep and beautifully unique.  Love for family and friends who will join you in celebrating the joining of your lives. Today, you be you, and I'll document the beauty as it unfolds.

  • WEDDING PACKAGES start at $1600

  • Micro-Weddings start at $950

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Contact me for complete pricing and package options.

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