Pre- Wedding Day~ Let's Plan

I'm here for you... this may be over used , but it is a statement I stand upon.  When you hire me as your wedding photographer I don't leave you hanging.  Part of your wedding package includes a planning and consultation meeting.  When you book me for your wedding I deliver a wedding document that has questions to help you design your "uniquely you" wedding.


I never desire to go into a wedding unprepared and about 2 months before your wedding we will sit down and organize your day based off the answers you provide in the wedding document.  We will construct a day of wedding timeline and we will make a list of family formals (because no one wants to be standing around trying to track down uncle Bob for that one family formal).


I'm all about stress free wedding days and pre-planning can alleviate a lot of confusion.

My email is always open and I am more than happy to answer any questions you have.  Don't hesitate!

Wedding Day

On the day of your wedding, I will be your biggest cheerleader.  I want your wedding day to be special and full of AH-mazing, so I will be right there in the mix with you, but I will also fade to the background (I'm not that diva kinda girl).  My goal is to tell your story and so my eyes will be wide open and my mind fully engaged looking for all the gorgeous moments.

After the Wedding Day

After the wedding is when I GET BUSY!  I will go through the thousands of photos that I took on your wedding day and select the best and those that captured the essence of your day.

Once I have the photos edited I will put them into an online gallery, so grab your honey, snuggle on the couch and view your gorgeous memories together.

The awesomeness of this gallery is that it is also an online store. Anyone can purchase prints and have them shipped right to their home. (You will receive a full digital download of all edited images from your wedding.)

This will also be the time for us to work on getting a beautiful wedding album or memory box full of prints into your hands.  It's important in this digital age to take that extra step and get your photos in print.  More than anything I want to encourage couples to let me help them fill their lives with gorgeous reminders of their special day. 

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