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"5 Tips for Planning a Memorable Courthouse Wedding"

Courthouse weddings can me just as amazing as a full day weddings. And if you love intimacy and quieter settings this might just be for you and the love of your live. I've written up a quick little post with a few tips of pulling of a FABULOUS courthouse wedding. Read on to be inspired-

Number 1: Hire a photographer who has strong documentary photography skills

This is a MUST and it's why I put it at the top of the list. Not every photographer is going to possess strong storytelling skills so when you are on the hunt for your photographer look closely at their photos. Does their photography capture intimate moments, quite moments, un-orchestrated moments, and all the little in-between moments that sculpt a story? If not move on and keep looking. Courthouse weddings don't have all the fluff and activity of a full day wedding, but they are PACKED full of amazing little intimate moments that create beautiful stories. A good documentary photographer is always watching and will take photos that create a complete story of your wedding day. Search them out and if you find one you love HIRE them.

Number 2: Find a dress & accessories you love

Just because you are having a courthouse wedding doesn't mean you have to skimp on a beautiful dress. It may not have 47 layers and be princess wear, but it can still be gorgeous. Look for something that is sleek and sexy or classy and refined. Courthouse weddings lend themselves to some gorgeous non-traditional dresses. And while you're out shopping for that dress that's going to make your significant other's jaw drop, don't forget those accessories. Look for some pretty earrings, a necklace, cute shoes and a pretty bouquet to top it all off.

Number 3: Splurge on hair & makeup

If you have followed me for very long you know that this is a big one to me. This is your big day, so why not live it up all the way. Plus having your makeup and hair done will give your face dimension, which is very much needed in photos. Trust me... you don't want to look undefined in your wedding photos, cuz you and I both know in real life you do have cheek bones, lips and eyes. No makeup=lack of features in photos.

Number 4: Choose a location for portraits that speaks to you

After your ceremony, it's "let me love you time". This is when the two of you can hug and celebrate that you said, "I do". So, look for a spot that has meaning to you. It could be the park where you got engaged, the coffee house or bar that you love to go to, or the apartment that you rent. The key here is to pick a spot with meaning, so that your photos carry that much more OOMPH!

Number 5: Embrace simplicity

This is what I LOVE about courthouse weddings. They are really just about the two of you, the moment, the commitment, the love. So, make sure you don't clutter it with a whole bunch of stuff. Keep it simple and sweet and remember it's the day you get to look in your lovers eyes and say, "I choose you."

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