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April 10-on-10

I decided to go off on a different tangent this month for my normal 10 photos on the 10th. I normally post photos that document my family in some way. While that is perfectly good and wonderful, I decided change was indeed necessary. Stepping out of a rut is always good. It brings fresh perspective and opens the eyes to beauty in other avenues.

I received a bouquet of soft pink roses for my birthday last month. For at least a week, I enjoyed them as they sat in a simple vase on my counter top. I had no ambition or vision or even a hint of desire to pick up my camera. Finally, though, I new that I should at least try to capture a bit of the beauty gracing my kitchen before it faded away.

I chose to use different lenses, different locations, and different perspectives, but to edit them all the same way. I used two lenses: my 35mm to freelens and my 85 macro. The photos that follow were taken in different natural lighting conditions that ranged from super bright with little shadows to a more diffused light with a fair amount of shadows. I wanted to see what I would get based upon light and shadow when I synced my edit... I'm curious like that.

Here are the results of my little experiment....

Continue on in the circle you won't be disappointed. Up next is my amazingly talented friend Liz.

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3 comentarios

11 abr 2018

What beautiful images! You stepped out of that rut very well indeed!

Me gusta

Rene Carlstrom
Rene Carlstrom
10 abr 2018

Love the different perspectives! I like ruts for this exact reason <3 Beautiful!

Me gusta

Love it, gorgeous roses and fresh picks, nature at its best :)

Me gusta
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