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January in Photos

Updated: May 8, 2018

Christmas break.

It couldn't come soon enough this year.  I think we all were feeling desperately needy for some slower days.

Some quiet.  Some peace.

Days of not having to leave the house.  Days of late mornings and cuddling and PJs ALL DAY LONG.

Days with sweet freedom to just be and be together.

It was perfection.

Those two weeks were a great reminder to me that I really need to let some things go.  I need to step back choose the best, not just the good or better, but the very best.  Limit my projects, reduce my commitments, and agree to commit to just those things that will be the best of the best for myself and my family.

I'm not agreeing to abandoning all activities and serving, because I could very easily become a hermit; happy in my seclusion.  Instead my goal is to take the opportunities that come my way and weigh them in the balance, choosing to do only those things that shout "BEST".  I don't want to have to wait until the next break in my schedule to feel the bliss of a quiet day spent at home with my family.

I'm aiming for the freedom, the sweet freedom, of a deep restorative breath because I have chosen well.

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