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Kate & Austin- Pittsford, Michigan Wedding

Kate reminds me of a mountain goat.

Hold on, hold on... I promise it's a good analogy. Mountain goats are surefooted creatures and can stand on the tiniest bits of rock above vertigo inducing drop offs without going over the edge.

Let me explain.

Kate had some of the biggest obstacles thrown at her. They were some of the biggest I have ever encountered as a wedding photographer and she never went over the edge. This girl held on!

She kept a smile even though her initial dreams for her wedding were thwarted by covid and then her wedding venue canceled on her a month, A MONTH, before her wedding. That's BIG friends! And these were just a couple issues. There were more and yet she stayed strong and beautiful and happy.

She was surefooted. ♥

Cheers and hugs and love to Austin & Kate─ your wedding was lovely and your reception was hopping!