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October 10-on-10

With all the changes in the landscape, the glorious colors, the morphing scenery, one might wonder why I chose to edit all my photos this month in black and white.

My answer to that question would be vague and might take us all on a trip of metal gymnastics, so I'll leave it at this: It just seemed right.

The past six weeks, for me, have been lived in hyper speed. Photo sessions, weddings, and long days of editing. There have been multiple moments of frustration. Skin tones were eluding me, I realized my photos could have been stronger, and I literally was questioning if I was capable of carrying on this photography gig.

A wise photography friend told me to go take a walk when I was bemoaning my editing issues to her and another beloved friend told me to breathe in Jesus. I did both and the results are what follows.

For more amazing photography continue on in this month's circle! Head on over to Hayley's blog to see some astounding and breathtaking photography.

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Oct 12, 2018

These black and white images are gorgeous! Many times I find b/w much more emotive than color. Really like the mood and tones in your images.


Karen Crivello
Karen Crivello
Oct 10, 2018

Beauty and stillness, even in motion😘

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