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Perfect is as Perfect Does

I have had some pretty perfect engagement sessions this year!

What constitutes an A+ grading from me you ask? Well here are just a few tid bits that make for gloriously beautiful engagement photos:

  • FREEDOM- When couples aren't afraid to be themselves, beauty ensues. Couples who are willing to snuggle, kiss, be goofy, whisper sexy secrets, and most importantly laugh are going to love the photos of their session.

  • BREATHIN' EASY- When my couples are relaxed their photos will look natural. If my couples aren't stressed out by my camera and come into the session ready to just have some fun, then their photos tell their story. The viewers eyes will be drawn into the story of their unique love and it will show the true connection that exits between them.

  • FIRE- If couples bring a hearty amount of electric connection, then who am I to stop them. The engagement photos that we all ohh & ahh over happen when a couple is focused on one another. They aren't super concerned with the photographer, the surroundings, or even other people who may be in the area. Their focus is just one another. When a couple can bring that bit of fire to their session, magic happens.

It's like this PERFECT is as PERFECT does.

What is perfect for you as a couple may not be perfect for the next couple. It's all about knowing who you are and who you are together. It's knowing your MOJO. Your magic!

When you come to your engagement session ready to be the unique couple that you are, then BOOM! Beauty happens.

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