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Wedding Day Tip #2

Your Wedding Day is About You. - make sure you incorporate elements that you want.

Your wedding doesn't have to be a cookie cutter wedding. I encourage you to make it uniquely yours by incorporating elements that you love and that speak of who your are as a couple. The goal here is to make your wedding tell the story of your love. So, include some fun, personalized details that are uniquely you.

You might want to buck the traditional girls on one side guys on the other and instead go for a mixture of guys and girls on the brides side and grooms side. Or even nix having people stand up with you at all. You could choose to have your portraits taken at the diner where you met or have a flower man or... have a goat signing (long story, but definitely unique)!

One thing I do encourage is that you incorporate a quiet moment for just the two of you even if it's just 10 minutes out behind the venue. It's those slow moments that create for some of the most beautiful photos. Plus it will give you a moment to catch your breath and just enjoy one another.

Get creative and shout out to your friends and guests, "This is who we are!" ♥

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