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Winter Wonderland Couple Session- Hillsdale, Michigan

Winter Wonderland couple sessions are one of my favorite type of sessions to photograph. They can be so unique and different from the typical summer/fall session. And with the added bonus of it not being hot and muggy... couples can SNUGGLE up and get close.

Take a look at John and Rebekah's winter session. They didn't let the cold scare them away from having a whole lot of fun!

Engagement photo of man and woman with foreheads together laughing

Man and woman holding hands wrapped in a blanket.

Couple gazing intimately into each others eyes during a photo session

Close up photos of a couple forehead to forehead gazing into each other's eyes

Portrait of a man and woman in nature

Married couple standing together at Hillsdale Arboretum
Man laughing as he picks up his wife and twirls her

Portrait of couple in the woods smiling

Married couple sitting on the step in the winter at Hillsdale College

Woman touching man's face as they look intimately at one another.

Man and woman blowing snow out of their hands

Married couple posing for a portrait downtown Hillsdale Michigan

Married couple standing on curb outside the Crow's Nest Hillsdale Michigan

Married couple hugging outside a Christmas window display in Hillsdale Michigan

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