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Cody + Mary, Hillsdale, Michigan Wedding

There's just something about hometown weddings that grab my heart. The simplicity, the outpouring of love, the friendliness of all the guests, creates a beauty and a story that I love to capture.

Cody and Mary's wedding in Hillsdale, Michigan had all these elements and more. They chose a church that had meaning for them and even though for me as a photographer the lighting was difficult I couldn't have been happier because this was the place where the stories began.

The stories told to me and the ones I overheard where of joy and happiness. You see, Mary's parents had gotten married in First Baptist Church of Hillsdale years before and for Mary and Cody to get married in the same church meant so much to their family. It hit me that day that truly the venue doesn't matter.

I say all of this to reassure couples who are looking to get married. Your venue doesn't have to be grand for your wedding to be beautiful. You just need a photographer who is willing to be there for you, to capture your day, to weave your love and happiness and joy into a beautiful story that generations to come will partake in.

Take a moment and look through these few photos of Cody and Mary's wedding and see if you don't agree.

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