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December 5-0n-5: Trimming the Tree

Updated: May 8, 2018

Every year I purchase a new Christmas ornament for each of my children, so that from the time of their very first Christmas to their eighteenth, they garner a pretty little collection that they will someday use on their own tree in their own home.

By far, my daughter, has been the most enthusiastic ornament lover in our family. Her excitement each year as she goes through her box of ornaments elicits memories of my sisters and I gathered around our very own boxes ohhhing and ahhhing over the ornaments our mom had hand picked for each of us. I remember the excitement I always felt when we would begin the Christmas decorating and nothing was better than going slowing through my box of ornaments enjoying every single one like they were brand new treasure.

This year the tree decorating was left to just 3 of us, but Lauren couldn't stand not having her two older brothers' ornaments on the tree, so she went through their boxes, too, exclaiming with joy over each one that was her "favorite".

Our tree decorating definitely has different dynamics these days, but I'm completely thankful for the joy Lauren brings and the child-like wonder. It is a good reminder of days gone by and of new to come.

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