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Everett + Lexee- Kalkaska, Michigan Wedding

When Everett and Lexee contacted me and asked if I would be willing to travel up north to photograph their wedding I didn't even hesitate. My heart loves weddings in small churches. Weddings that take place in areas or buildings that hold sentimental value for my couples, amps up the special factor that much more.

For me the beauty of a wedding is in the story, not in the actual building or background. I often suggest to my couples, when asked, that they choose a place to get married that has meaning for them. It is in these places that the story begins and continues to unfold, creating a beauty that no $10,000 venue could ever replicate.

Lexee and Everett's wedding day was beyond beautiful. Their love unfolded into a story all their own as they displayed their joy and deep connection to one another.

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