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Family Photo Session- Pioneer, Ohio

Photography with your family doesn't have to be painful, stressful, or boring. It doesn't even have to include bribing and bawling toddlers.

Little ones are busy and curious and sometimes super shy.

It's okay if they run away from you. I'll follow them.

It's okay if they won't look at the camera. I'll capture all the snuggling moments.

It's okay if they are cranky. I'll get some pretty amazing shots even if they are having a bit of "tude".

This little man was having a cranky day, yet because his parents were relaxed and willing to let me do my thing we got some amazing photos of him. And we got some true to life photos of them together as a family.

Trust me. Cranky, running, shy kids ain't gonna stop me from capturing the beauty of the real life you live.

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