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Matt & Jess- Osseo, Michigan Wedding

Matt & Jess's wedding plans had a few covid mishaps, like many of the past two years weddings. There plans for large backyard wedding got shifted to a smaller, more intimate family wedding/ceremonyk which I was happy to host in my barn.

I probably sound like a broken record, but I'm TELLIN' YA... these small, family oriented weddings are EVERYTHING!

Matt and Jess's photography coverage started with their ceremony. I then captured all the hugs and congratulations from their guests. We moved on from their to photograph their family formals and then I had a whole hour with just the two of them.

Why am I so excited about that hour? The reason for the exuberance is that I rarely get more than 20 minutes with the bride and groom. And 20 minutes isn't a whole lot to capture the love between two people newly married. I tell my couples to give me as much time as they can with just the two of them, because those will be the photos they will cherish the most. So, when I got a whole HOUR with Matt and Jess, I knew I could create some photos with the two of them that would be AMAZING!

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