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Sam + Randi- Documentary Session Archbold, Ohio

It's just you and me babe! The two of us together.

Watching the days fly by; love building on love.

Making our way, our music, our art,

Showing the world we are here to stay.

Singing, laughing, crying, disagreeing, but always creating.

Creating new.

Creating beauty.

Creating me and you.

The time before children can be so fleeting. The clock runs faster than you could ever imagine and before you know it you have moved out of your first apartment. You may store the memories in your heart and head, but what if you could see them in print? What if you could hold them in your hands?

What if 25 years down the road you can pick up that box of prints or a photo album and tell your children all about that time in your life, with the love of your life? What if you could tell them of the beautiful moments when it was just the two of you trying to make your way in a big world with little money, but a whole lot of love?

This is life in print. It's not made up. It's real. It's beautiful. It's YOU!

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