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In Home Newborn Session~ Hillsdale, Michigan

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

I love going to my clients homes to photograph their newborns. This is where life happens. It isn't in a studio or in a park somewhere. It is in your HOME.

My clients often tell me that their house isn't picture worthy or that it is cluttered. I promise I'm not coming to your house to photograph your countertops or a stack of laundry a mile high in your living room. HOWEVER, I would if you let me, because again that is LIFE, especially with a newborn. But rest assured what I am looking for is areas in your home with decent window light and the rest can be blurred into oblivion (well not exactly, but I can make it less noticeable).

For this families photos we used their back yard and the master bedroom that's it! If you are wanting photos like this, but are on the fence scroll through these photos to see how I used their spaces to make beautiful photos that will last a lifetime and beyond.


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