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Samantha + Collin Engagement Session Hillsdale, Michigan

If you were to ask me one the characteristics of Samantha and Collin's relationship, I would promptly answer- a deep connection that is rooted in friendship. Their love is deep and it is so evident to me every time I see them together.

They truly enjoy one another. They laugh. They talk. They support one another. And they are committed.

Their engagement session in the snow was amazing. We had some deer friends that hung out with us. Crazy townie deer! And Samantha only fell half a dozen times in her super cute wedges. ;)

Man and woman hugging and laughing outdoors on a winter afternoon
woman and man wrapped in a red blanket outside in a park in the winter
man whispering to his fiance outside in a park in the winter
Engaged couple holding each other cheek to cheek and smiling
Man and woman under a red blanket outside in the snow face to face
Man and woman outside in the snow under a red blanket snuggling
woman smiling as man whispers in her ear
woman and man sitting on park steps in the winter
Man and woman laughing together
man and woman laughing
man and woman kissing at sunset on a snowy day
man and woman kissing in a snowy field
Man kissing woman's forehead
Man kissing woman's temple in a snowy park
Man and woman smilins in a snow covered park

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