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Tony & Rebekah Documentary Session- Elmore, Ohio

Documentary photography is the perfect way to capture the day to day life of a family or individual.  This genre of photography tells a unique story in a specific moment in time.  These are the photos that will bring generations together.  Children and grandchildren will ask to be told about the events portrayed in the photos. Documentary photos are a visual journal, a keepsake, and life documentation.  They hold the memories and tell the story of life.

Last month I headed down to Elmore, Ohio to document Tony and Rebekah.  Rebekah has just recently opened a new business called Wine Flight in the quaint town of Elmore.  We planned to go check out her new business and document some of what takes place on a daily basis there, but before we headed into town, Rebekah and Tony took a few minutes to make a salad for their dinner. Since opening the new business both of them have been extremely busy working long days and nights.  Most nights they just grab something quick to eat, because there hasn't been much time for cooking.

Watching them work together, to make this salad for their dinner later that evening, was the first glimpse of how this couple operates.  I saw it time and time again as the day progressed.  They worked well as a team and there was a comfortable togetherness that permeated their relationship.  It was beautiful to watch their give and take, to witness their friendship and love as they flowed together to get things done.

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