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Wedding Tips, Tricks & Pointers- Tip 1

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

TIP NUMBER ONE: Hair and Makeup Make a Big IMPACT on Your Wedding Photography- Hire the best!

If there's one thing, besides the photography, ;) that I think you shouldn't skimp on it's your hair and makeup. And yes, even if you don't normally wear makeup, you should on your wedding day. Have you ever heard someone in theater or on a movie set mention the importance of good makeup because of the lighting? It's the same for your wedding day. Makeup enhances the features on your face. Mascara and eye shadow make your eyes pop. Bronzer/blush enhances your cheekbones. Lip stain ensures that your lips don't blend into your skin. Not to mention the benefits of a good foundation to even out your skin tone.

Having a professional do your makeup will also eliminate makeup mistakes. One big one to steer clear of is highlighter with glitter or foundations with SPF, zinc, titanium dioxide, silica or mica. That glitter is like a beacon for every light and instead of making your skin look dewy it blows the highlights out on the skin. Flash photography and bright lights can light up certain foundations, primers and setting powders, creating a white or ghostly cast on your face. Definitely not the look you are wanting for you wedding day. So, make sure your makeup artist steers clear of these products. Another mistake I see are lash extensions that aren't the best fit and end up driving your eyes wild. Which ends up with you blinking excessively and ultimately leaves you with red, irritated eyes. A professional will be able to fit those lashes (if you choose to use them) perfectly to your eyes. Blush applied wrong, is another mistake that I see which can make you look like you stepped fresh out of the 70's. Unless of course that is the look your going for, then by all means go for it!

I also highly recommend you have your hair professionally done. Hairstylists have that magic touch and know how to give curls extra staying power, tame fly-aways and just overall make you feel like a princess. And who wouldn't want royal treatment on their wedding day.

One last tip... make sure you hire someone who includes a trial hair and makeup session. That way you can see what that person is capable of and also give them your thoughts on what you would like. Having a trial run alleviates some of the stress associated with your wedding day because it is one less thing you have to decide on the day of your wedding.

The photos will be the one of the few things you take with your when your wedding day is done. You might as well look drop dead GORGEOUS in them

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on my top 10 wedding tips, tricks, and pointers.

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