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Welcome Little One-

The beauty of a newborn is breathtaking. The amount of time when they are tiny and new is fleeting, so it is important to capture those days for remembrance sake. Plus, what new momma isn't somewhat sleep deprived. I know I struggle to remember a lot of the days when my children were brand new. I wish I had more photos that documented those moments of feeding, snuggling and caring for my new little ones.

Newborn photos in the comfort of your home aren't just for portraits. They are more about documenting those early days of your family together, so that you can remember the precious moments of having a newborn in your home.

Jenna and her family hired me to photograph the newest addition to their family and I was able to capture the pure love and joy that they each felt over having a brand new baby in their home. The girls especially couldn't get enough of their new sister and I loved how they were so eager to help. And the automatic touches, head rubbing, hand holding and snuggles were heart touching.

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