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Brett & Tiffany- Hillsdale, Michigan Wedding

Brett & Tiffany got married on a cold, wet April day. So cold and wet that there were huge puddles. If you know Michigan, then you know that April tends to be the season of mud. We needed to do all the photos indoors to keep Tiffany from getting muddy or soaked. Thankfully we were able to find some spaces within the church and we were able to get some pretty amazing photos for them.

The walkway between the church and the youth center turned out to be the perfect solution for getting ready, first looks, wedding party, and portraits of the two of them. It was dry, a bit warmer than the outside and the light was so soft and lovely.

The highlight of the day was that Tiffany didn't let the weather affect her. Her love for Brett and the joy of her wedding day shone through. Take a look and see if you don't see the story of love being displayed.

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