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Justin & Gabby- Horton, Michigan Backyard Wedding

Justin and Gabby's wedding was one of my favorites of 2021! Why you ask? Let me give you the run down:

  1. Backyard wedding! I love them! I love the sense of place they instill in the photos. It solidifies the story of family, love and home.

  2. Justin and Gabby were FUN!!! They were so happy to be getting married and it showed. They didn't get ruffled over mishaps, the heat, the bugs... nothing. Neither of them panicked when my camera died unexpectedly... like dead dead. I might have panicked a bit, but thankfully I always have 3 cameras with me. They hired an escape room trailer and Justin had a skull printed vest, nuf said!

  3. Their love for one another showed. These two were smitten with one another and it made my heart sing.

  4. They made us (my amazing 2nd photographer, Kimmee and myself) feel so welcome. My work isn't based on whether someone is friendly towards me, but it certainly doesn't hurt either.

All in all, it was just one amazing day and when I look back on these photos they make me happy.

Love you, Justin and Gabby!

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