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Kaleb- Pittsford, Michigan High School SENIOR

Kaleb showed up at his senior session ready to GO!

He was definitely a natural and his confidence shown through. So, between the two of us we created some pretty phenomenal senior photos.

Plus, to make the photo session even more fun and relaxed I photographed Kaleb's best friend, Gunnar, at the same time. Friend session + Senior Photos, YES, PLEASE!

The last photo in the set was one of Kaleb and Gunnar's requests. When I first arrived at the session I didn't realize that they were wanting this particular set up. I was dressed in jeans and a sweater, because it was October after all. But, I was game to try and capture a smoke bomb/out in a lake type shot.

I was just going to go in and deal with wet jeans, but Kaleb's mom had some of his sister's clothes in her van. Thankfully they were my size... what are the odds?!

I must say this 40 something in shorts that were shorter than short must have been a sight. Nevertheless, we braved that cold water and made some pretty awesome images!

Congratulations, Kaleb! May this be just the beginning of great things to come for you!

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