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Wedding Day Tip #4


Light is a BIG part of your wedding day. I know it's probably not at the top of your priorities list, but it is super important to give some serious consideration to. Here's why.

If you will be having an outdoor ceremony, steer clear of high noon. Early morning or later in day will be best for softer light. Strong sunlight, which is prevalent mid-morning through early afternoon, will NOT be your friend and will cause excessive shadowing. Think racoon eyes. And if you spent all that time and money to look drop dead gorgeous, then let's not ruin it with hard light. The same goes for any outdoor photos. Aim for late afternoon (especially in the summer) at least by that time a decent amount of shade can usually be found and I'll be able to use that to get softer light photos for you. When planning your wedding timeline, just remember this little equation: Strong light = harsh shadows.

Light or lack there of also applies to your venue. Most importantly the spot where your ceremony will be held. I often do not use flash during the vows because it can be distracting and often almost impossible to set up discreetly in most churches. So, if you would prefer a more natural look to your photos check out the available light in your ceremony space and steer clear of super dark churches that have little to no natural light. Because: Lack of light = grainy photos.

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